Tsinghua Professor Zhuang Zhuo elected vice president of IACM

Zhuang Zuo, professor of Tsinghua University School of Aerospace Engineering, was elected vice president of the International Association for Computational Mechanics on July 26.

IACM, established in 1980s, is an international mechanics academic organization with more than 5,100 registered members from 33 countries and regions in America, Asia-Oceania, Europe-Middle East-Africa. It has about 610 members from China.

In 1988, the Professional Committee on Computational Mechanics of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) joined the organization as a group member. IACM holds dozens of international conferences every year, among which the most representative is the World Congress on Computational Mechanics.

Zhuang Zhuo is general council member and executive council member of IACM, and member of the supervisory board of CSTAM. Zhuang has served as the executive general council member of CSTAM and director of the CSTAM Professional Committee on Computational Mechanics, and has contributed to promoting international exchanges in computational mechanics.