The curriculum for the Tsien Hsue-shen Elite Class consists of eight modules:

·Humanities and Social Sciences Module: Ideological, Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis, Essentials of Modem Chinese History, Basic Theory of Marxism, Introduction of Mao Zedong Thoughts, and Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of Three Representatives; Humanities courses, Social Research/Practice; Introduction of Mechanics and Engineering, Introduction of Systems Engineering; P.E., Military Theory and Skill Training; English, Scientific Writing and Speech

·Mathematics Module:Advanced Calculus, Advanced Algebra and Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equation, Probability and Statistics, Method of Mathematical Physics.

·Natural Sciences Module:Physics, Chemistry, Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology, Introduction to Information Sciences, Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering.

·Computational Science and Engineering Module: Computer Architecture and Programming, Numerical Methods in Engineering, Computational Solid Mechanics, and Computational Fluid Mechanics.

·Mechanics Module: Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Theory of Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Vibration, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

·Experiment and Subject Module for Mechanics and Modern Engineering: Mechanical Design, Electronics in Electric Engineering, Experiment in Solid Mechanics, and Three General Projects.

·Comprehensive Research Module: Research Paper

Advanced Optional Module for Various Majors: Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Precise Instruments, Automobile Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Civil Engineering etc.