The School of Aerospace Engineering at Tsinghua University was founded on May 18, 2004. There currently are 80 faculty members, including of 35 professors, 35 associate professors and 10 lecturers. It consists of two departments, Department of Engineering Mechanics and Department of Aeronautics & Aeronautics Engineering , and research centers, the Space Center , and the Aeronautics Technique Center . Now, there are three members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Hwang, Kezhi, Prof. Guo Zengyuan and Prof. Yang, Wei and one members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Wang Yongzhi.

The history of aerospace at Tsinghua University could be traced back to 1930s. The Dept. of Aeronautics was founded in 1938 based on a research group in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. In 1952, during the re-organization of universities, the Dept. of Aeronautics moved out from Tsinghua to form Beihang University . The Dept. of Engineering Mechanics was established in 1958 that focused on developing the researches of aerospace technologies. The Tsinghua Space Center was set up in 1998 and it successfully launched TH-1 Satellite in 2000 and NS-1 Satellite in 2004, respectively.

The School of Aerospace Engineering has important and wide influences on the academic field in the world and on the engineering field in China , because of the long histories of the Dept. of Aeronautics and Dept. of EngiDepartment of Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineeringneering Mechanics. The researches in the school concern the fundamental knowledge and engineering application for aerospace engineering that give emphases on nine areas: (1) solid mechanics, (2) fluid mechanics, (3) engineering dynamics, (4) engineering thermo-physics, (5) biomechanics and bionics, (6) aircraft and spacecraft, (7) propulsion engineering, (8) aerospace equipment and environment, and (9) Aerospace information. The school has widely national and international research cooperation and academic exchanges with many famous universities and institutes in USA , UK , Germany , France , Italy , Canada , Russian, Japan , Korea and Hong Kong etc. SA has also closely related with the key national laboratories and institutes.

The goal of the school is to educate the higher level and qualified scientists and engineers for our country. There are 360 undergraduate students in the school. Each year, about 90 fresh students join the school from domestic and abroad, who have great ambitions for the aerospace science and technology. There are 380 graduate students, among them, 180 Ph.D. and 200 Master students. The school encourages students to develop comprehensive ability by including in its curriculum the fusion of different disciplines, leadership and management, together with engineering training. To realize our goal, we have set up close relation with top universities in the world and started the student exchange program.

The school will continuously gain world-leading and systematic academic achievements in the fields related to mechanics and aerospace and welcome excellent researcher in the fields to join us.