Full Professor


E-mail address:xiaoyanlithu@tsinghua.edu.cn


Xiaoyan Li is a full professor in the Department of Engineering Mechanics. His current research interests focus on deformation and fracture of nanostructured materials (including nanocrystalline and nanotwinned materials, low-dimensional materials), energy storage materials and mechanical metamaterials; fabrication and design of mechanical metamaterials and high entropy alloys based on the mechanical principles; development of multiscale modelling.

Address: Room N527, Mengminwei Science Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084 China

Tel: +86-10-62789491(office);   Email: xiaoyanlithu@tsinghua.edu.cn

Webpage: https://www.xiaoyanlithu.com/

Education background

09/2007 - 01/2012    Ph.D in Solid Mechanics (05/2012)

                                  M.S. in Applied Mathematics (05/2010)

                                  Brown University, USA

09/2003 - 07/2007    Ph.D in Engineering Mechanics (07/2007)

                                  M.S. in Engineering Mechanics (07/2007)

                                  Tsinghua University, China

09/1999 - 07/2003    B.S.in Engineering Mechanics (07/2003)

                                 B.S. in Information & Computing Science (07/2003)

                                  Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


06/2021 – Present   Full Professor

                                Department of Engineering Mechanics

                                Tsinghua University, China

12/2017 – 05/2021   Tenured Associate Professor

                                 Department of Engineering Mechanics

                                 Tsinghua University, China

09/2012 – 11/2017   Associate Professor

                                 Department of Engineering Mechanics

                                 Tsinghua University, China

02/2012 - 06/2012   Postdoctoral Associate

                                School of Engineering

                                Brown University, USA


Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Member, American Chemical Society

Member, American Physical Society

Member, Materials Research Society

Member, Society of Engineering Science

Member, Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Member, Chinese Society for Composite Materials

Member, Institute of Physics, Great Britain

Honors And Awards

2020 First Rank Award for Science and Technology

   Chinese Materials Research Society

2020 RISUD Visiting Fellowship

   Kwang-Hua Education Foundation

2019 CSTAM Award for Excellent Young Scientist

   Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

2018 Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing for Extreme Mechanics Letters

   Elsevier Publishing

2018 Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty

2018 Outstanding Award for Application and Innovation in Supercomputing

   National Supercomputing Centre at Tianjing

2018 Extreme Mechanics Letters Young Investigator Award

   Elsevier Publishing

2017 Wang Ren Award for Young Faulty

   Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

2016 Distinguished Young Scientist (“Xue Shu Xin Ren” Award)

   Tsinghua University

2016 Outstanding Reviewer Awards

   Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing

2015 National Science Fund for Excellent Youth Scientists

   National Natural Science Foundation of China

2012 Best Paper Award for ICF 2013 as a Young Scientist

   13th International Congress on Fracture

2011 2011 MRS Fall Meeting Graduate Student Silver Award

   Material Research Society

2010 The William H. Findley Award for Best Graduate Student Paper

   Brown University

2008 The James Rice Fellowship

   Brown University

Teaching Awards

2020 Distinguished Online Teaching Award

   Tsinghua University

2019 Distinguished Teaching Award

   Tsinghua University

2018 Distinguished Faculty Award for Mentoring of Undergraduate Students

   Tsinghua University

2017 First Rank Award for Teaching Competition over all Colleges and Universities at Beijing

   Beijing General Labor Union

2016 First Rank Award for Teaching Competition at Tsinghua

   Tsinghua University


Academic awards and honors


Associate Editor, Mechanics of Materials (IF: 3.266), 2021.1-

Associate Editor, European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids (IF: 4.220), 2021.7-

Associate Editor, Journal of Micromechanics and Molecular Physics, 2021.1-

Young Editor, Acta Mechanica Sinica (IF: 1.975), 2020.1-2025.12

Editorial Board, Communications Materials (a new editorially selective and open access journal from Springer Nature, aiming at publishing important advances in specific topics in materials science ), 2020.1-

Editorial Board (Young Scientists), Science China-Technological Science (IF: 3.572), 2018.1-

Editorial Board, Materials (IF: 3.623), 2020.7-

Editorial Board, Nanomaterials (IF: 5.076), 2020.7-

Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics, 2020.1-2025.12

Editorial Board, Forces in Mechanics, 2020.1-

Editorial Board, Nano Materials Science, 2021.1-

Professional Services

•Vice Director, Institute of Solid Mechanics at Department of Engineering Mechanics at Tsinghua (2020-2023)

•Vice Director, Theoretical Mechanics Bureau in Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2020-2025)

•Committee Member, Young Scientist Committee in Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2020-2025)

•Committee Member, Smart Composite Materials Bureau in Chinese Society for Composite Materials (2019-2024)

•National and International Committee Members, 14th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (2018-2019)

•Journal Club Editor, iMechanica (the largest web of mechanics and mechanicians) (2018-2020)

•Committee Member, Metamaterials Brach in Chinese Materials Research Society (2018-2023)

•Committee Member, Micro-/Nano-mechanics Bureau in Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2015-2020)

•Delegate, Labor Union Convention at Tsinghua (2015-2020)

Review serving for more than 50 academic journals, including Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Advanced Materials, Science Advances, Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Extremely Mechanics Letters, ACS Nano, Materials Today, Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia, Journal of Applied Mechanics, Materialia, NPG Asia Materials, npj Computational Materials, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Advanced Engineering Materials, Composite Science and Technology, Chemistry of Materials, Extremely Mechanics Letters, Philosophical Magazine Letters, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, National Science Review, Nanoscale, Scientific Reports, Computational Materials Science, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A, Archive of Applied Mechanics, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Acta Meachnica Sinica, Acta Meachnica Solid Sinica, Acta Physica Sinica, Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, etc.

Academic Achievement

So far, Xiaoyan Li has published 66 papers (49 after joining Tsinghua) in refereed journals, including Nature, Nature Reviews Materials, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Materials Nature Communications, Nano Letters, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Advanced Materials, Physical Review Letters, ACS Nano, Nano Energy, Science Advances, Small etc., as well as important journals in the field of mechanics (including Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Journal of Applied Mechanics, International Journal of Solids and Structures); and 2 book chapter. Xiaoyan Li also holds 1 patents and 4 software copyrights The work has been reported and highlighted by public media and agents, such as NSF, R&D Mag, ScienceDaily, PhysOrg, Nanotimes, Nanowerk and Sciencenet.cn.

A few representative papers are given as follows (* corresponding authors, # graduate students or post-doc more details can be found through http://www.researcherid.com/rid/B-7325-2008).

Qian Zhang#, Ruirui Huang#, Xuan Zhang#, Tanqing Cao, Yunfei Xue, and Xiaoyan Li*. Deformation mechanisms and remarkable strain hardening in single-crystalline high-entropy-alloy micropillars/nanopillars. Nano Letters, 21, 3671–3679 (2021). (Cover Featured Article)

Yongpan Zeng#, and Xiaoyan Li*. Atomistic simulations of high-temperature creep in nanotwinned TiAl alloys. Extreme Mechanics Letter, 44, 101253, (2021).

Zixin Xiong#, Lei Zhong#, Haotian Wang#, and Xiaoyan Li*. Structural defects, mechanical behaviors, and properties of two-dimensional materials. Materials, 14, 1192, (2021).

Xuan Zhang#, Yujia Wang#, Bin Ding#, and Xiaoyan Li*. Design, fabrication and mechanics of three-dimensional micro-/nanolattices. Small, 16, 1902842, (2020). (Invited Review) (Cover Featured Article)

Xiaoyan Li, Lei Lu, Jianguo Li#, Xuan Zhang#, and Huajian Gao*. Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of gradient nanostructured metals and alloys. Nature Reviews Materials, 5, 706-723, (2020).

Xuan Zhang#, Lei Zhong#, Arturo Mateos, Akira Kudo, Andrey Vyatskikh, Huajian Gao*, Julia R. Greer*, and Xiaoyan Li*. Theoretical strength and rubber-like behaviour in micro-sized pyrolytic carbon. Nature Nanotechnology, 14, 762-769, (2019). (Cover Featured Article)

Xuan Zhang#, Andrey Vyatskikh, Huajian Gao*, Julia R. Greer*, and Xiaoyan Li*. Lightweight, flaw-tolerant, and ultrastrong nanoarchitected carbon. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116, 6665-6672 (2019).

Hongtao Ren, Zixin Xiong#, Enze Wang, Zhiquan Yuan, Yufei Sun, Kunlei Zhu, Bolun Wang, Xuewen Wang, Hanyuan Ding, Peng Liu, Lei Zhang, Junqiao Wu, Shoushan Fan, Xiaoyan Li*, and Kai Liu*. Watching dynamic self-assembly of web buckles in strained MoS2 thin films. ACS Nano, 13, 3106-3116 (2019).

Yongshuai Yuan#, Xiaoyan Li*, and Wei Yang*. Low-angle grain boundary structures and size effects of nickel nanolaminated structures. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 130, 280-296 (2019).

Xuan Zhang#, Jiahao Yao, Bin Liu, Jun Yang, Lei Lu, Yi Li, Huajian Gao, and Xiaoyan Li*. Three-dimensional high-entropy alloy–polymer composite nanolattices that overcome the strength–recoverability trade-off. Nano Letters, 18, 4247-4256 (2018).

Yao-Jian Liang, Linjing Wang, Yuren Wen, Baoyuan Cheng, Qinli Wu, Tangqing Cao, Qian Xiao, Yunfei Xue*, Gang Sha, Yandong Wang, Yang Ren, Xiaoyan Li*, Lu Wang, Fuchi Wang*, and Hongnian Cai. High-content ductile coherent nanoprecipitates achieve ultrastrong high-entropy alloys. Nature Communications, 9, 4063 (2018).

Haolun Wang, Xuan Zhang#, Ning Wang*, Yan Li, Xue Feng, Ya Huang, Chunsong Zhao, Zhenglian Liu, Minghao Fang, Gang Ou, Huajian Gao*, Xiaoyan Li*, and Hui Wu*. Ultralight, scalable, and high-temperature–resilient ceramic nanofiber sponges. Science Advances, 3, e1603170 (2017).

Xiaoyan Li* and Huajian Gao*. Mechanical metamaterials: Smaller and stronger. Nature Materials, 15, 373-374 (2016).

Jialiang Lang, Bin Ding#, Ting Zhu, Hanxiao Su, Hao Luo, Longhao Qi, Kai Liu, Ke Wang, Naveed Hussain, Chunsong Zhao, Xiaoyan Li*, Huajian Gao, and Hui Wu*. Cycling of a lithium-ion battery with a silicon anode drives large Mechanical actuation. Advanced Materials, 28, 10236-10243 (2016).

Xiaoyan Li*, Ming Dao, Christoph Eberl, Andrea Maria Hodge, and Huajian Gao*. Fracture, fatigue, and creep of nanotwinned metals. MRS Bulletin, 41, 298-304, (2016).

Bin Ding#, Xiaoyan Li*, Xuan Zhang#, Hui Wu, Zhiping Xu, and Huajian Gao*. Brittle versus ductile fracture mechanism transition in amorphous lithiated silicon: From intrinsic nanoscale cavitation to shear banding. Nano Energy, 18, 89-96 (2015).

Dongchan Jang*, Xiaoyan Li, Huajian Gao*, and Julia R. Greer. Deformation mechanisms in nanotwinned metal nanopillars. Nature Nanotechnology, 7, 594-601 (2012). (Dongchan Jiang and Xiaoyan Li equally contributed to this work.)

Xiaoyan Li, Yujie Wei*, Lei Lu, Ke Lu, and Huajian Gao*. Dislocation nucleation governed softening and maximum strength in nano-twinned metals. Nature, 464, 877-880 (2010).

Xiaoyan Li, Wei Yang*, and Bin Liu. Bending induced rippling and twisting of multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Physical Review Letters, 98, 205502 (2007).

Xiaoyan Li*, Zikun Wang, and Shangheng Huang. Love waves in functionally graded piezoelectric materials. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 41, 7309-7328 (2004).