Yihui Zhang

Professor, Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University

Address: Room N629, Mong Man-Wei Sci. & Technol. Bldg, Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China

Phone: +86-10-6279-6127 (office)


Group Website:

Education background

Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China (6/2011)

M.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China (6/2008)

B.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China (6/2006)


12/2019–Present, Professor in Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China

3/2015–12/2019, Associate Professor in Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China

6/2014–3/2015, Research Assistant Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

10/2011–6/2014, Postdoctoral Fellow in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

Social service

2024–Present, Deputy Editor, Science Advances

2023–Present, Editor, Mechanics of Materials

2022–Present, Associate Editor, International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials

2021–2024, Associate Editor, Science Advances

2019–2024, Associate Editor, Research

2019–2022, Associate Editor, Mechanics of Materials

2017–2022, Associate Editor, ASME-Journal of Applied Mechanics

2019–Present, Editorial Board, Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science

2016–Present, Editorial Board, npj Flexible Electronics

2023–Present, Editorial Board, FlexTech

2018–Present, Editorial Board, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters

2017–2022, Editorial Board, Proceedings of the Royal Society A

2020–2022, Member, Board of Directors, SES (Society of Engineering Science)

2016–Present, Member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

2020–Present, Vice-chair of the Committee of mechanics of electronic and electromagnetic devices, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

2018–Present, Vice-chair of the Committee of soft matter mechanics, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Mechanically-guided 3D assembly

Unusual soft materials

Stretchable and flexible electronics

Mechanics of smart materials and structures

Research Status

Zhang group’s research bridges the broad areas of solid mechanics, materials science and engineering, electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. His group is dedicated to addressing the grand challenges in the frontiers of science and technologies through creative uses of mechanics principles and cross-fertilization among diverse disciplines, which drives the development of new mechanics theories and computational models of advanced materials and structures, as well as novel designs and fabrication approaches of materials and systems with unprecedented properties. A major focus of current research is the study of flexible mesostructure technologies for the development of soft architected materials that can reproduce and/or exceed the mechanical/physical properties of soft biological tissues, as well as 3D microelectronics that can offer new functionalities and/or enhanced performances.

Selected Honors And Awards

• James R. Rice Medal, Society of Engineering Science  (2024)

• Science and Technology Award for Young Investigators, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics  (2023)

• The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Natural Science Foundation of China  (2022)

• Gustus L. Larson Memorial Award, Pi Tau Sigma and ASME  (2022)

• The Xplorer Prize, Tencent Foundation  (2021)

• Highly Cited Researcher in Cross-Field, Clarivate Web of Science  (2020, 2022 & 2023)

• Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award, ASME  (2019)

• Young Investigator Medal, Society of Engineering Science  (2018)

• Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award, ASME  (2018)

• Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty  (2017)

• Melville Medal, ASME  (2017)

• Excellent Youth Funding, National Natural Science Foundation of China  (2017)

• Journal of Applied Mechanics Award, ASME  (2017)

• MIT Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35 (TR35)  (2016)

• Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation  (2016)


He has published more than 180 peer-reviewed journal papers, including multi-disciplinary journals (Science, Nature, Cell, Nature Communications, Science Advances and PNAS); and journals in mechanics (e.g., JMPS, IJSS, Applied Mechanics Reviews), materials (e.g., Nature Materials, Nature Reviews Materials, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, and Acta Materialia), electronics (e.g., Nature Electronics, Science Robotics and Advanced Electronic Materials), physics (e.g., PRB, APL and Physical Review Applied), nanotechnology (e.g., ACS Nano and Small). His recent work has been reported by many popular media (e.g., BBC, CBS, Daily Mail, Discovery, Le Monde, NBC, Wall Street Journal), and highlighted by many professional organizations (e.g., ASME News, Chemistry Views, IOP Physics World, Materials Today, Materials Views, MIT Technology Review, Nano Today).

Representative publications include: (* denotes the Corresponding authors; + denotes the Co-first authors)

[1] Cheng X+, Shen Z+, Zhang YH*. Bioinspired 3D flexible devices and functional systems. National Science Review, 2024, 11: nwad314

[2] Cheng X+, Fan Z+, Yao S, Jin T, Lv Z, Lan Y, Bo R, Chen Y, Zhang F, Shen Z, Wan H, Huang Y, Zhang YH*. Programming 3D Curved Mesosurfaces using Microlattice Designs. Science, 2023, 379: 1225-1232

--- Highlighted by Nature (2023, 616: 10), “Microstructures mimic life’s endless forms”.

[3] Cao S+, Wei Y+, Bo R, Yun X, Xu S, Guan Y, Zhao J, Lan Y, Zhang B, Xiong Y, Jin T, Lai Y, Chang J, Zhao Q, Wei M, Shao Y, Quan Q*, Zhang YH*. Inversely engineered biomimetic flexible network scaffolds for soft tissue regeneration. Science Advances, 2023, 9: adi8606

--- Highlighted on the homepage of Science website

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--- Featured on the cover of August 12, 2022 issue of Science Advances

--- Highlighted by Nature Reviews Materials (2022, 7: 681), “Pop-up shapes”.

--- Highlighted on the homepage of Science website

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--- Highlighted on the homepage of Science Robotics website

[10] Song H+, Luo G+, Ji Z, Bo R, Xue Z, Yan D, Zhang F, Bai K, Liu J, Cheng X, Pang W, Shen Z, Zhang YH*. Highly-integrated, miniaturized, stretchable electronic systems based on stacked multilayer network materials. Science Advances, 2022, 8: eabm3785

--- Featured on the cover of March 18, 2022 issue of Science Advances

[11] Cheng X, Zhang F, Bo R, Shen Z, Pang W, Jin T, Song H, Xue Z, Zhang YH*. An anti-fatigue design strategy for 3D ribbon-shaped flexible electronics. Advanced Materials, 2021, 33: 2102684

--- Featured on the Back Cover of Sep 16, 2021 issue of Advanced Materials

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--- Featured as Editor’s Choice

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[31] Ma Q, Zhang YH*. Mechanics of fractal-inspired horseshoe microstructures for applications in stretchable electronics. Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2016, 83: 111008

--- Awarded the ASME Melville Medal, the highest ASME honor for the best original paper which has been published in the ASME Transactions during the two calendar years immediately preceding the year of the award

[32] Xu S+, Yan Z+, Jang KI, Huang W, Fu HR, Kim JH, Wei ZJ, Flavin M, McCracken J,  Wang RH, Badea A, Liu Y, Xiao DQ, Zhou GY, Lee JW, Chung HU, Cheng HY, Ren W, Banks A, Li XL, Paik U, Nuzzo RG, Huang YG*, Zhang YH*, Rogers JA*. Assembly of micro/nanomaterials into complex, three-dimensional architectures by compressive buckling. Science, 2015, 347: 154-159

--- Featured on the Cover of Jan 9, 2015 issue of Science

--- Highlighted by Science (Vol 347, 2015, 130-131), “Three-dimensional nanostructures pop up”.

--- Highlighted by Nature (Vol 517, 2015, 247), “Silicon buckles to form 3D shapes”.

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--- This work was highlighted as an item and feature image in the News of the Week on the Science website.