Institute for Interdisciplinary Medicine and Engineering, Tsinghua University (THUIIME)

Established in 2019, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Medicine and Engineering is a university-level scientific research Institute of Tsinghua University. The Institute has the advantage of multi-disciplinary collaboration in Tsinghua University supported by medical, engineering- related departments and affiliated hospitals. We develop key technologies and core products for medical equipment and medical services. We are aiming at building an internationally leading medicine-engineering research center, incubating world-class medical engineering industry, and benefiting patients.

Our research areas include:

(1) Artificial Organs (2) Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Health (3) Tele-Medicine System (4) Medical Robotics



The family of brain stimulators


Medical Robotics for Neural Surgery

Upper limb rehabilitation robot developed for patients with neurological diseases


Vascular Stents