Key Laboratory of Applied Mechanics

The predecessor of the Key Laboratory of Applied Mechanics (AML) was the Failure Mechanics Open Laboratory approved by the Ministry of Education in 1993. It was officially named the Key Laboratory of Failure Mechanics (FML) in 1999, and was renamed the Key Laboratory of Applied Mechanics in 2009. Under the leadership of Academician Huang Kezhi and as one of the key research bases of the mechanics discipline, the laboratory has undertaken many national major research projects, and been awarded many national scientific, technological, and educational achievements. The laboratory has important academic influence in the world. The laboratory is open to domestic and foreign scientists, and conducts extensive academic visits and exchanges. Since 1998, in the evaluation of key laboratories organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology, it has been rated as A or Excellent 3 times. Since 2002, graduate students under the guidance of laboratory professors have obtained 12 outstanding national doctoral dissertations.

The aim of AML is to study mechanical problems in nature and modern science and technology, especially in conjunction with the national development strategy of high-tech and new materials research, to conduct fundamental research on applied mechanics with a focused on the multi-physics and multi-scale nature, to develop theories and computational, experimental methods for research areas with significant economic and social impacts, and cultivate high-level innovative professionals for the nation.

AML professionals study the solid and hydrodynamic behaviors of materials and typical high-tech structures in various environments, and the dynamic responses of complex systems. Scientific theories and methods are developed for the integrity evaluation of important and key engineering structures. AML is open to making full use of the scientific research and teaching facilities, provide resources for outstanding scientific researchers related to applied mechanics, national- wide and international, promote interdisciplinary research cooperation and extensive exchange of academic ideas and talents.

Supported by the Ministry of Education and Tsinghua University, AML will build an advanced experimental, theoretical and computing environment. Through open and mobile operating mechanisms, the laboratory will develop world-class research work, talent training, domestic and foreign cooperation and exchanges, and academic activities.


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