Institute of Engineering Thermophysics

The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics was founded in 1958 and selected as one of the State Key Disciplines in 1988. Then the Institute was allowed to grant PhD degrees in first-level disciplines, and a post-doctoral workstation was also built. Relying on the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of Thermal Science and Power Engineering, the Institute has ranked first in the evaluation of the first-level disciplines of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics in China many times. In 2004, the Institute joined the School of Aerospace Engineering in Tsinghua University to meet the needs of the development of aerospace industry.

The main research areas include:

(1)       Thermomass theory and entransy;

(2)       Micro/nano-scale heat transfer;

(3)       Optimization in the process of heat transfer;

(4)       Applications in thermal engineering.


High vacuum cryostat + 6 probes+two-stage molecular pump + liquid helium circulation pump

Comprehensive thermal and electrical transport test system with high vacuum and constant temperature

Three-stage Raman spectroscopy system