Haowen Wang, Principal Investigator, Leader of the UAS laboratory, 86-10-62792661, bobwang@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education background

1987.9-1991.7  Department of aircraft, College of Nanjing Aeronautics, Bachelor of engineering in helicopter design
1991.9-1994.4  College of aerospace engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Master of engineering in helicopter design
1994.9-1998.7  Department of engineering mechanics, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in solid mechanics


1998.9-2008.7 College of aerospace engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, postdoctor, associate professor, professor
2008.9 to present School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University, professor, Principal Investigator

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Helicopter dynamics, UAS design

Academic Achievement

1、 Jian Wang,  Haowen Wang , Chao Wu,  Development of swashplateless helicopter blade pitch control system using the limited angle direct-drive motor (LADDM),Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 2015(28)1416-1425
2、 Jianfeng Tan, Haowen Wang ,Highly Efficient Unsteady Panel Time-Marching Free Wake for Aerodynamics of Rotorcraft,JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT,2014( 51),54-61
3、 Jianfeng Tan, Haowen Wang ,Simulating unsteady aerodynamics of helicopter rotor with panel/viscous vortex particle method,Aerospace Science and Technology, 2013(30),255–268
4、 Tan Jianfeng, Wang Haowen ,Panel/Full-Span Free-Wake Coupled Method for Unsteady Aerodynamics of Helicopter Rotor Blade,Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 2013(26) 535-543
5、 Sun Tao&,Tan Jianfeng,Wang Haowen ,Investigation of Rotor Control System Loads,Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 2013(26),1114-1124
6、 Dong Han&, Hao-wen Wang, Zheng Gao Aeroelastic analysis of a shipboard helicopter rotor with ship motions during engagement and disengagement operations,Aerospace Science and Technology, 2012(16),1–9