Professor ZengYuan Guo, Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University (1985-present)
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1997-present))
Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1998-present)
Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University, USA (1993-1996)
Executive Committee Member of International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer (1998-2006)
Editor of Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science (1986-present) and Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer (2004-present)
Member of Editorial Board for International Journal of Multiphase Flow (1998-present), Microscale Thermophysical Engineering (1997-present) and JSME International Journal (2002-present)
President of Heat Transfer Society of China (1999-2005)
Assembly Member of International Conference of Heat Transfer (2000-2008)
Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics (1989-2005)
Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University (1999-2007)

Phone: +86-10-62782660, Fax: +86-10-62783771


Education background

1959, Department of Power and Mechanics, Tsinghua University, Beijing


Visiting Professor at University of Kyoto, Japan (2001.2-2001.4)
Visiting Professor at University of Stuttgart, Germany (1997.4-1997.6)
Visiting Professor at the University of Tokyo and Sophia University, Japan (1995.5-1995.7)
Visiting Professor at Michigan State University, USA (1993.7-1993.12)
Visiting Professor at University of Stuttgart, Germany (1989.8-1989.12)
Visiting Professor at Ecole Centrale de Paris, Paris, France (1988.9-1988.10)
Adjunct Professor of Dept of Mech. Eng., Michigan State University, USA (1993-1996)
Professor of Dept of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University (1984-present)
Visiting Scholar at Institute of Technical Elektrophysics, Germany (1979-1981)
Associated with Dept of Mathematics and Mechanics, Tsinghua University (1959-1979)

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Dual nature of heat
New theory of energy conservation
Heat transfer enhancement
Micro and nano-scale heat transfer

Honors And Awards

Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (1997-present)
Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1998-present)
Research Professor of Mechanical Engineering, the University of New Mexico, USA (1993-1995)
International Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, USA (1993-1996)
Research Award from National Ministry of Science and Technology (1978, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2012)
Research Award from Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation (1979-1981)

Academic Achievement

Dual nature of heat
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On heat transfer enhancement and energy conservation
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