PhDAssociate Professor
Contact Information
Office: Room 3301, YifuScience & TechnologyBuilding,Tsinghua University 
Telephone Number: +86-10-62785560-203
Fax Number: +86-10-62782639  
Research Interests:
Fluid Mechanics, Bio-mechanics, Biomedicine Engineering, Nanomechanics
·B.S., Engineering Mechanics, TsinghuaUniversity of China, 1993
·B.S(II)., Environmental Science&Engineering, TsinghuaUniversity of China, 1993
·Ph.D., Fluid Mechanics, TsinghuaUniversity of China, 1999
Academic Positions
·Lecturer, Tsinghua University, 1997-2001
·Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, 2001-date
Research Description
Currently Dr. zhang's research group is mainly interested in Biomechanics, micro-nano fluid, VAD, artificial organs, AAA & ADA stent-grafts, Biomedicine engineering, which is based on CFD and experimental research. The group is also generally interested in understanding and formulating fundamental, invariant, mechanical properties of RBC and its hemolysis & thrombosis.
·National Natural Science Foundation of
China (10672090), Hemolysis and flow of micro blood pump, RMB270, 000, Zhang Xi-Wen
·Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (2006AA02Z4E8), Shape Optimization of an axial blood pump and its clinical application  RMB 2,000,000 Zhang Xi-Wen
·National Natural Science Foundation of China, Blood flow dynamics of DA based on MRI, RMB320, 000
·Fall 2010, Fluid Mechanics, undergraduate
·Fall 2009, Fluid Mechanics, undergraduate
·Fall 2009, Pneumatic Technology in Automatization, undergraduate
·Spring 2008, Flow Measurement Technology, graduate
Selected Publications
[1] Lailai Zhu, XW Zhang*, and Zhaohui Yao. Shape Optimization of the Diffuser Blade of an Axial Blood Pump by Computational Fluid DynamicsArtificial Organs2010, 34(3):185 - 192
[2] Zhang XW, Yao ZH, He F. Numerical simulation of the flow field of a diffused pneumatic silencer. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 33(10),2009:3896-3905
[3] Hao, Peng-Fei, Zhang, Xi-Wen, Yao, Zhao-Hui. Transitional and turbulent flow in a circular microtube. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2007, 32(2): 423-431
[4] Zhang XWYao ZHZhang Y. Experimental and computational studies on the flow fields in aortic aneurysms associated with deployment of AAA stent-grafts . Acta Mechanica Sinica 23 (5): 495-501, 2007
[5] Zhang XW,Yao ZHet al.Study on particle removal efficiency of an impinging jet by an image processing method. Experiments in Fluids, 2002,32(3):376-380