B.S., Fluid Mechanics, Tsinghua University of China, 1986

M.S., Fluid Mechanics, Tsinghua University of China, 1988

Ph.D., Fluid Mechanics, Tsinghua University of China, 2002

Academic Positions

TA, Lecturer, Tsinghua University 1988-1994

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, 1994-2004

Full Professor, Tsinghua University, 2004-date

Professional Activity

Director, Chinese aerodynamics research society 2010-date

Chief , Professional Committee of National Industrial and Environmental Fluid Mechanics 2008-date

Chief , Professional Committee of National Pneumatic Technology 2007-date

Research Interests

Aerodynamics, Micro Fluidics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Flow Optimization,Fluid Transients in Industrial Coolant System

Research Description   

    Prof. HE Feng engages in both basic and applied research in fluid mechanics and related fields. Prof. He has conducted numerical simulation and laboratory experiments to investigate flow phenomena including but are not limited to micro fluidics, vortex dynamics, compressible shear layer, optimization design, numerical simulation, qualitative and quantitative visualization.

    Currently Prof. HE is mainly interested in understanding flow structure, shocklet and turbulent characteristics in compressible mixing layer through theory-computation-experiment interaction approach. Compressible mixing layer is basic flow for scramjet, also typical flow for compressible turbulent analysis. She is also generally interested in understanding wing tip vortex, supersonic jet, hypersonic boundary layer receptivity.

Admissions Information

Prof. He need 2-3 students for Ph.D or MD research each year. If you are interest in her research, please contact Prof. He, E-mail:

Selected Publications

1. 杨常卫; 何枫; 郝鹏飞 微结构疏水表面上液滴的表观接触角 中国科学:化学40(10):1545-1549. 2010

2. Yang, CW; He, F; Hao, PF The apparent contact angle of water droplet on the micro-structured hydrophobic surface. SCIENCE CHINA-CHEMISTRY  53(4): 912-916. 2010

3. 周强,何枫,沈孟育.可压缩混合层中的涡结构和激波,空气动力学学报  28(3) 245-249.2010

4. YANG ChangWei,HAO PengFei, HE Feng. Effect of upper contact line on sliding behavior of water droplet on superhydrophobic surface. Chinese Science Bulletin, 54(5)727-731.2009

5. 杨常卫, 郝鹏飞, 何枫 微结构超疏水表面液滴的运动性质. 科学通报, 54(4):436 – 440,2009

6. 甘才俊; 何枫; 姚朝晖; 杨京龙 冲击射流中反馈环机理的再研究. 力学学报 41(2):259-263,2009

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16. HE Feng, HAO Pengfei,Study on liquid flow characteristics in microtubes. International Conference on Fluid Dynamics. Matsushima, Miyagi Japan, Nov. 7-9,2006

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