Piao Ying  Professor
•E-mail:piaoying@ tsinghua.edu.cn
•office:Tsinghua University,main building,Room 816
Research fields:
•New concept propulsion systems for aerospace and aeronautics;
•Flow field, combustion process and heat transfer in ramjet/scramjet;
•The integration technology of crafts’ flight, fire control and propulsion system.
•Aero-thermodynamics of high performance turbo-machineries;
Course program:
•Hypersonic propulsion theory (for graduates)
•Propulsion technology in space (for graduates)
•Propulsion theory of aeronautics and aerospace (for graduates)
•Propulsion technology and principle (for undergraduates)
Mainly work at aero-thermodynamics of turbo-machineries,novel propulsion systems for aerospace and aeronautics, flow field ,combustion process and heat transfer in ramjet/scramjet, alternative fuels and combustion principle for aero-propulsion, integrated flight/propulsion control。
(1) An extensible propulsion simulation platform Part I-foundations of engineering model
(2) An extensible propulsion simulation platform Part II-extensible framework
(3) Turbine performance prediction based on RBF neural network
(4) Optimization Methodology of PID Parameters for Aero-engines Based on Hybrid PSO
(5) Full Range Modeling of Aero Engine Systems Based on a Simplified Gas Flow Domain Model
(6) Simulation of Instable Rotating Speed of a Turbojet Engine
(7) Aero Engine Numerical Simulation Platform Based on VC++ Language
(8) Quasi-3D Simulation of Aero Engine Full Flow Field
(9) Dual time step method in transient simulation of aero engine
(10) Preparation And performance Study of Nano-porous Super-insulator Materials
(11) Numerical Simulation of Flow Field and Cavitations in High-Speed Kerosene Centrifugal Pump
(12) Reburning of Secondary Hydrogen in Scramjet’s Combustor
(13) Flow field in three supersonic combustors
(14) Supersonic Combustion of Hydrogen in a Scramjet Combustor
(15) Comparison of Supersonic Combustion of Hydrogen in Two Different Scramjet Combustors
(16) The Numerical Analysis Program of the Tip Clearance of HPT
(17) Design and optimization of inlet performance based on hybrid genetic algorithm
(18) Modeling and modes transition of TBCC system
(19) Investigation on the off design performance of a transonic compressor with circumferential grooves
(20) Unsteady investigation of slots casing treatment on a Transonic Compressor
(21) Investigation of Circumferential Casing Treatment’ Axial Displacement on Compressor
(22) The Numerical Analysis of the Tip Clearance of an Aero-Engine HPT
(23) 3-D Numerical Analysis of the Tip Clearance of an Aero-Engine High pressure turbine
(24) Active Control System of Turbine Tip Clearance
(25) Research on the Stability Seeking Control for an Aero-engine
(26) Design Improvement and Kerosene Flow Thermal Characteristics of an Aero-engine Fuel System Centrifugal Pump using 3D Numerical Simulation
(27) Optimization design of turbine blade tip clearance shapes
(28) Numerical analysis of high pressure turbine tip clearance variation
(29) Numerical simulation of tandem cascades in an aero-engine fan
(30) Effect of inlet distortion on the stability of a transonic compressor with casing treatment
(31) Numerical simulation of the effect of total pressure inlet distortion on a compressor rotor
(32) Simulation of Inlet Total Pressure Distortion in a Transonic Compressor Rotor
(33) Turbulence models with compressible corrections for supersonic flow
(34) Numerical simulation of operational performance and scale effect in a N2O/HTPB hybrid rocket motor
(35) Numerical calculation on behavior of fuel regression in hybrid rocket motor
(36) Numerical simulation of internal flow and cavitation of a diesel nozzle
(37) Influence of the root fillet on the flow pattern of an axial turbine rotor
(38) Research on reaction and heat transfer characteristic of kerosene