Wang Zhaokui, male, Han nationality, Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor, was born in February 1978 in Taihe County of Anhui Province. He is the expert of a major project expert group of the National 863 Program, and the member of Chinese Society of Astronautics. In July 1999, he graduated from National University of Defense Technology, received a bachelor's degree in Space Engineering. In June 2006, he received his Doctor's degree in Aerospace Science and Technology at National University of Defense Technology, and engaged in postdoctoral research at Tsinghua University from 2006 to 2008. He had served as Engineer, Senior Engineer of Chinese Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center, and senior engineer of National University of Defense Technology. He has published more than 20 academic articles, an academic monograph, and has got the first prize twice and the third prize once of the ministerial level scientific and technological progress award, and 3 invention patents. His major research areas are satellite formation flying, cooperative control of fractionated spacecraft and distributed satellite, space gravity exploration, and so on.
Academic articles and monographs are as follows:
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