LI Xide  Professor
Department of Engineering
Contact Information
Office: Room 3508, Yifu Science & Technology Building,
Tsinghua University
Telephone Number: +86-10-62794410
Fax Number: +86-10-62771112
Email Address:
Research Interests
Nanomechanics, Mechanical properties of structures, devices and films at macro, micro and nano scales, Surface/interfacial interactions, Macro/micro/nano experimental mechanics, Mechanics of Aerospace and Engineering structures Safety and Integrity, Laser and optical Metrology, NDT and NDE of materials and structures, Testing Instruments, Devices and sensors.
•B.S., Laser Physics, Northwestern University, 1986
•M.S., Solid Mechanics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1989
•Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1992
Academic Positions
•Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China, 1995-1999
•Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, 1999-2004
•Full Professor, Tsinghua University, 2005-date
Professional Activity
•Editorial Board Member, Journal of Experimental Mechanics (Chinese), 2003-date
•Editorial Board Member, Journal of Applied Mechanics (Chinese), 2008-date
•Member of Council of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2006-2010
•Member of Optical society of America, 2007-date
•Committee member of Experimental Mechanics (Chinese), 2003-date.
•Natural science award (1st Class) from the Ministry of Education of China, 2009
•Outstanding Research Award, National Science Foundation of China, 2000
•National Defense Research Award (2nd Class), Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, 1998,
•Young Investigator Research Program Foundation for the Post-doctor Fellows of China, 1993
•Distinguished Young Investigator Award, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1991
Research Description
•The research areas of Professor Li’s group are Micro/Nano Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, and Mechanics of Aerospace and Engineering Safety, with special focus on:
•Investigating the mechanical behaviors of micro/nano objects owing to their dimension reducing, environmental atmosphere effect and interactions, developing new measurement techniques and instruments to measure the mechanical properties of micro/nano objects/ components or films.
•Advanced experimental methods and technologies in optical techniques, such as Speckle interferometry, Holography interferometry, Digital holography, Moiré interferometry, Phase shifting, Carried wave, Marker and grating methods, Digital speckle/image correlation, interfermetric and synchrony radiation computerized tomography.
•New methods and instruments to defect detection and structure evaluation, 3-D reconstruction and measurement of the engineering structures and devices with the optical and the synchronic radiation beams, nondestructive test techniques and analysis methods, particular in large-scale structures and harsh environment.
•Material property characterization and thermal-mechanical reliability assessment of interconnect structure, microelectronic packaging and micro/nano-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS).
Projects (present)
•LI Xide, Investigation of new key technologies of Aerodynamic testing system, Tsinghua University, 2010-2012 ( LI Xide, Co-Investigator)
•Investigation on the nanomechanical measurement system based on the multi-probe stage, NSFC Project, 2010-2012, (LI Xide, Principal Investigator)
•Characterization of the service property of nanomaterials and devices, Project of the National Basic Research Program of China, 2010-2014, (LI Xide, Co-Investigator)
•Study on the sensing, measurement and identification in micro/nano scale experimental mechanics, NSFC Key Project, 2008-2011, (LI Xide, Co- Investigator).
•Metrology of mechanical  properties of nanomaterials and nanodevices, Project of the National Basic Research Program of China, 2007-2011, (LI Xide, Co-Investigator)
•Research on the mechanical measurement techniques based on the scanning probe stage, Project of Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, 2007-2010. (LI Xide, Investigator)
Projects (done)
•Mechanics modelling and numerical simulating of nanomaterial, Project of the National Basic Research Program of China, 2004-2009. (LI Xide, Principal Investigator).
•Developing the new experimental approach to investigate the polycrystalline deformation behavior at the grain scale, NSFC Project, 2006-2008, (LI Xide, Principal Investigator).
•Projection grating profilometry system to detect human spinal column morphology, General Hospital of Air Force of Chinese, 2006-2007 (LI Xide, Investigator)
•Experimental mechanics techniques for micro size and multi-fields environment, NSFC Key Project, 2003-2006 (LI Xide, Co- Investigator).
•Study on the Micro/nano speckle method and its application in the MEMS device mechanical behaviours and thermal falure mechanism, NSFC Project, 2004-2006, (LI Xide, Principal Investigator).
•Phase Shifting ESPI Microscope for Measuring the Dynamic and Static Characteristic of Micro-objects, NSFC, 2001-2003, ( LI Xide, Principal Investigator)
•Spring 2009, Experimental techniques in solid mechanics, undergraduate student
•Spring 2009, Advanced Experimental mechanics, graduate student
•Fall 2009, Experimental stress analysis, graduate student
•Fall 2009, Introduction of Solid Mechanics, undergraduate student
Selected Publications
Guest Editor of the Special issue
[1] Li Xide, Wu, XP, Kang, Yilan (2005): Microoptical metrology in China. Opt. Lasers Eng. 43, 833-835. [PDF]
Review Papers
[1] Li Xide, XiHuimin e, Kang Yilan, Wu Xiaoping. A brief review and prospect of experimental solid mechanics in China, Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, 2010, 23(6), 498-548. [PDF]
[2] Li Xide, Su Dongchuan, Zeng Dujuan, Sun Lijuan, Progress of micro and nano solid experimental mechanics based on the optical and the probe techniques, Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics, 2010, 31(6), 664-678.
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[5] Li Xide, Probe Experimental Mechanics, Journal of Experimental Mechanics, 2007, 22(3-4), 217-228
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[7] LI Xide, Shi Huiji, Measurement of Device Surface Profile and Roughness, Journal of Experimental Mechanics2006, 21(2), 111-121
Micro/Nanomechanics, micro/nanodevices, micro/nano sensors
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Mechanical behaviors of Materials and Structures
[8] Wu W, Li Xide, Liu L (2009): A uniaxial tension system and its applications in testing of thin films and small components. Rev Sci Instrum. 80, 085107. [PDF]
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Speckle Interferometry and Temporal speckle pattern Interferometry
[1] Li Xide, Yang Yan, Wei Cheng (2004): In-situ and real-time tensile testing of thin films using double-field-of-view electronic speckle pattern interferometry, Meas Sci Technol, 15, 75-83. [PDF]
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[3] Li Xide, Tao Gang, Yang Yizhang (2001): Continual deformation analysis with scanning phase method and time sequence phase method in temporal speckle pattern interferometry, Optics & Laser technology, 33, 53-59. [PDF]
Nondestructive Testing/Evaluation
[1] Li Xide, Liu Xingfu, Wang Kai (2002): Quantitative detection of the defects in thin-walled pressure vessels with holography and shearing speckle interferometry, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 21, 85-94. [PDF]
[2] Li Xide, Soh A K, Huang C, Shi HJ (2002): Detection of small cracks and cavities using laser diffraction, Optical Engineering, 41, 1295-1308. [PDF]
[3] Li Xide (2000): Wavelet transform for detection of partial fringe patterns induced by defects in nondestructive testing of holographic interferometry and electronic speckle pattern interferometry, Optical Engineering, 39, 2821-2827. [PDF]
Optical computerized Tomography
[4] Li Xide, Gren P, Wahlin A, Schedin S (1999): Pulsed TV holography and tomography for the study of transient waves in air, Optics & Laser Technology, 31, 23-32. [PDF]
[5] Gren P, Schedin S, Li Xide (1998): Tomographic reconstruction of transient acoustic fields recorded by pulsed TV holography, Applied Optics, 38, 834-840. [PDF]