Institutes of Solid Mechanics

The Institute of Solid Mechanics (ISM) of Tsinghua University has its origin in the solid mechanics group founded in 1958 by the famous mechanics scientists Professors Wei Zhang, Qinghua Du and Kezhi Hwang. Over years, ISM has evolved to be one of the largest and most active research centers in solid mechanics home and abroad. ISM has a wide coverage of research topics and well recognized faculty members, with 2 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Professors Kezhi Hwang and Wei Yang), 13 full professors and 7 associate professors.
The missions of ISM are as follows: 1) to undertake undergraduate and post graduate programs for bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in solid mechanics; 2) to study the behavior of materials and structures, as well as their applications in aerospace, electronic components and energy resources, etc.; 3) to provide support for the design and lifelong safety of engineering materials and advanced infrastructures.
ISM has achieved considerable academic progresses in several front-line fields and will continue to build up advanced modeling and simulation technologies and experimental facilities. By adopting an open and dynamic policy, ISM aims at reaching high standard international level in her education and research as well, and becomes an internationally influential and top-ranking engineering mechanics center.