National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation Passing the Acceptance

On Dec. 10th,2016, the acceptance meeting for “National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation” of NDRC was held by the Ministry of Education in Tsinghua University. Yuan Jun (Director of the Innovation Ability Office of the High-tech Division of NDRC), Liu Falei (Deputy-director of High & New Office of the Tech Division of the Ministry of Education), Wang Xiqing (Assistant to President of Tsinghua University) attended the meeting. Under the agreements of all members of the panel, the project was passed for acceptance.

This project was approved by NDRC in April, 2012. In constructing the project, Tsinghua University cooperated with Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing PINS Medical, pooling the strength of all sides and successfully buiding 4 technological R&D pilot platforms for Neuromodulation technology research, reliability testing, production process testing and applied experimentation of Neuromodulation devices. This Laboratory has made breakthroughs in numerous technologies of vitro transdermal wireless charging, close-loop control, high-reliability guarantee, scaled production processes, and device applications. All product series of DBS and VNS obtained Registration Certificates of Medical Products, and have been applied in a large scale with a leading position in the market. 

Mr. Wang Xiqin fully affirmed the work conducted in the National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation Development Project. He noted that this lab is a key part of the national S&T innovation system. Tsinghua University has been committed in developing national engineering laboratories, it has accepted or participated in the construction of 8 labs among 167 engineering labs approved by NDRC. With great support from the university, tremendous efforts have been made in building this laboratory by the responsible team, who will continue their work and become the vanguard in promoting high-end Chinese medical devices in industrial development. 

Prof. Li Luming, Director of the Laboratory introduced the background, the process of building, as well as the future development plan of this laboratory. He guided the panel to investigate the technology research platform and reliability of the testing platform on site. The production procedure testing platform and clinical application platform were displayed on video. Prof. Zhang Jianguo, deputy director of the lab and director of Functional Neurosurgery Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital remotely controlled the program of a PD patient that had received a DBS implantation, which fully displayed the research achievements of the lab.

The panel with Academician Han Jisheng as leader and Academician Zhou Xiaoxin, Academician Wang Weihua as deputy leaders spoke highly of the achievements made by the Laboratory. They believed the development of this lab is guided by engineering science, with high starting basis and concerted focuses and innovation of products beyond all expectations. This project notably exceeded its task aims. Its research mode of combining study in medicine and research practices for producing highly reliable medical devices have become typical examples for developing high-end medical devices within industry. These achievements not only provide strong technological support for research, clinical application and industrialization of neuromodulation technology in China, but also builds a solid platform for following neuroscience research, which are of great value to engineering and science. The panel agreed the acceptance of this project after a completed questions and answer session.

Finally, Mr. Yuan Jun briefed the audience on the latest polices and strategies of NDRC in building an innovation system. He also highly appreciated the achievements made by the Laboratory and said that he hopes the member of this laboratory can continue their efforts to make further and greater contributions in this industry.

Mr. Zhouyu, Director of the office of Scientific R&D of Tsinghua University, and Mr. Liu Falei provide summaries. Both participants expressed that the University and the Ministry of Education will continue to support the work of the National Engineering Laboratory for Neuromodulation , to rank Tsinghua University among the top research institutions for neuroscience in the world.